I don't think posts should be closed

I disagree with posts being closed to new replies. Would Stackoverflow do that? Someone could come up with a better answer, or more good information.

Sometimes I too had such thought. But so far there are no options to identify a thread as answered. Lets see other’s opinion.

Hi JS, The topics will auto-close after 90 days of inactivity if I remember correctly. I will go back and check the settings to be sure. This cuts down on potential spam posts that have in the past overloaded our system.

I close threads occasionally when the original question is pretty straightforward and the answer is simple enough that there isn’t a need for another one - such as this question about regex from last week. There’s no reason for this thread to be bumped with a new response.

It would be useful if we could mark threads as having good answers the way stackoverflow does, but I think we’d have to write our own web code to support that. A simpler solution would be a new forum section that we could move answered threads to for future reference.

Just to address this

StackOverflow is a business with ~$55 million annual revenue and 300+ employees.

PowerShell.org is supported by the DevOps Collective (a non-profit organization) and has ~5 active moderators (who are volunteers). We’re never going to be as feature-rich as StackOverflow… it’s just not possible.