Feedback -> sometimes it's really anoying

Sometimes it’s really annoying when a reply gets hold for moderation and there is no information for what reason and for how long. And it’s not even something fancy. It’s a short sentence and a few lines of code correctly surrounded by the “pre” tags. It seems like the software used for this forum is not the best choice for serving a Powershell related forum. :-/

Hi there Olaf,

Thanks for the post. It is true that our plugins do catch some false flags from time to time, and we’re always looking for better plugins that meet our budgetary constraints. Maintaining that balance can be a little bit difficult.

Compared to the number of posts that are made daily, the number held for moderation is relatively small. We do regularly go through and take a look to see if any are being held. Once again, volunteers, full-time jobs, etc. I myself usually go through them about three times a day.

If you know of any better performing plugins, I’m always happy to take a look at them. :slight_smile:

always post relevant queries in forums, otherwise, the moderator will not approve your post or maybe delete it, some forums like this need moderator approval before any comment or post.

@will-anderson - how about adding more moderators ?

I’m looking into the permissions for the moderators so we can get quicker reactions on this.