Message on hold

Dear forum admins,

there seems to be a message on hold from me. Can you please tell what’s wrong with this message or why this message got blocked and maybe release it if there’s no problem?

Thanks in advance

Can’t see anything pending in that thread…

Is there any documentation about the limits the forum software has about a single post? Sometimes my posts do not show up right away. I wonder if it could be possible to lower (or actually increase) some of the limits for forum members if they have been members for a certain time … so a kind of reputation bonus?

Hey Olaf,

I am not sure why your posts keep getting flagged but let me look into it and open a support ticket with to see what is going on.


I will keep that in mind and come back here when it happens again. :wink:

Thanks for now

Now it happend again.

My answer to this post seems to be on hold. I didn’t even got a notification about the fact that it did get on hold.

Yeah, this one’s odd. It seems like your post to that thread got lost somehow. There is no post pending approval and there’s nothing caught in the spam filter. I would think that your post just didn’t get sent to the forum at all, except that the forum shows you as the last one to post in that thread:

That’s not the first time something like this happend this way. How should I react when that happens next time?

I’ve seen it too where my posts don’t show up. Typically, I see them immediately, but I’ve even seen it where I copy the text post and it’s not there. Go to the bottom and paste and it tells me that I can’t post a duplicate thread. I check the next day or even after a weekend and the post still doesn’t exist.

I think I may have even got a Critical Error when I posted the post in question, first time I’d seen that. Basic post, just text and a URL.

Hey @Oalf and @Rob, when your replys don’t show up, or when they get held for moderation, do they have a lot of PowerShell code in them?

Olaf, i see your reply to and it was marked by spam by Akismet. I am looking to see why it was flagged as such.

This was my mistake - I was looking at the wrong list of spam on the admin page. James pointed me to the correct section.

To be clear, there is no indication that any user posts are getting lost. We’re not sure why users sometimes don’t see the ‘held for review’ notification, but James is making some changes to the spam filter settings that should help.

Seem like She was picking on me because She had a bad day!? :wink: :smiley:

Yeaahh … finally … you’ve got it … great …

Thank you very much. :wink: :smiley:

It happened again.

I created this post and corrected it or added some info and an external link twice or three times and then it does not show up anymore.

Not sure, why again Akismet caught this as a spam. However I cleared the spam mark and now it is showing up there.

Thank you.

Seems like she has good days and bitchy days. :wink: :smiley:

Thank you.

@Olaf-Soyk, I think getting your profile verified might solve this problem.

Not sure why she catches you frequent times, may be you are so special to her. :wink:

However we left this thread open exclusively for you all the time.:grinning:

Oh that may be part of the problem. How long in between “edits” are you waiting. We have a support ticket open with Akismet as well. But one of the things it looks for are multiple edits in a short period of time.

Sometimes I see a typo when I just hit the send button and then another one when I hit the send button for the first one … what would be the time to wait to avoid this?

What does that mean “short period of time”? If the software is unable to adapt to the behaviour of the users this user would try to adapt to the limits of the software. :wink: If I knew the limits I could try to pay attention to not violate the rules.

BTW: It happend again and this time it was my first reply to this post …