[Suggestion] Show Tags Next To Topic Title in Q&A forum

Not an issue really, but I thought it may be helpful to see any associated tags next to the Topic Title in the Q&A Forum landing page. Perhaps even a ‘solved’ or ‘unanswered’ tag as well?

I find myself searching PowerShell.org increasingly often with a topic in mind, as opposed to a specific question, the ability to search by or visually scan the forum by tags would be a nice option.

People don’t really use tags, much as we’d like them to. We rely on autogenerated tags, and they’re not all that reliable. People are also -terrible- about the answered/solved thing - we did that on the previous incarnation of the site and there was .01% participation. But if you know of a way to fix people, I’m game for trying!

Ok cool, that makes sense.

Haha I’ll start brainstorming on a way to fix people, I’ll keep you posted if I find a solution :slight_smile: