website issues

Am I crazy or were there some site issues going on this morning? All of the links I clicked on - other than registering a new account - redirected to Yes I tried on more than one computer.

I suppose it’s not impossible, but I’ve been using the site all morning (since about 6am Pacific) without problems.

As a note, if you run into something like that again, collecting some evidence is the best way to help me troubleshoot it. Saving off a static HTML copy of the page, for example, using your Web browser - lets me see what HTML was served to your browser, at least.

Weird! Okay, thanks for letting me know.

I’ve had that happen several times over the past few days. When it does, I found that I can get things working again by going to the “Edit My Profile” link, then back to the main site afterward. No idea what causes it. It’s not always when I first open the site; I’ve had this condition appear when I was submitting a forum post (which would have been very annoying, except when I clicked “Back” in the browser, all the text was saved).

I’ll try to remember to save off a copy if I see it again.