Powershell.org wonkiness

See weird issues when I attempt to use this site. Just hasn't been reliable in a number of months. Not predictably, any way.
Here's some examples if you could corroborate, please:
Logging in, straight away get an error: "you have 3 attempts" yet it was right the first time. Requires a Captcha which isn't there on the very first logon
After composing a post and I submit, I get an error "Error: Duplicate topic detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that.", which I didn't. OR "There has been a critical error" Ultimately I lose my careful constructed post and have to start over.
My entire user post history is gone and there's no way to search for it. I used this past history to help me with current issue first, to see if it's already been answered in the years past.
Is there a possibility to get on a different platform that is easier to use? So much talent here but getting to them is getting more and more difficult, imho.
Thanks for reading

In my case, one of my posts generated an error that just said “error occurred” when I hit the submit button. No further error details. The post can be seen from the home, but not from the forum.

It’s possible the error was due to my browser; I was using Opera in private mode. Ended up switching to Chrome. I would agree that a better platform that’s more compatible with the various browsers and it’s easier to use, may be needed.

I’m still grateful we have this forum, and for everyone who have helped.

Just my 2 cents.



oh I totally agree, the posters here are amazing. I just wished they had a better platform to do their work on than this one. Seems not worthy of their combined talent

Looks like changes are coming, more info here (hope this makes it :))


Hey, @jeff-taylor I hope you are enjoying the new PowerShell.org website and the new forums!