Articles link is returning a nicely formatted custom error page.

It did for me. And then it worked.

No clue. I’ll keep poking it this afternoon.

I too get the custom error page when following one of these top menu links:

In other words, only Forums, Calendar and Login seem to work.

Thank you for the extensive list :). “All the menu items” would also have been okay… however, they’re all working for me. Can you provide more details about your environment, and make sure you’ve cleared ytour browser cache?

What can I say - I like details :slight_smile:

All menu items seem to work for me now (don’t you just love sporadic errors?).

Tested (both now and then) with Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox 46.0.1 on Windows 10 build 10586.318.
Did clear browser cache as well.

Hard to troubleshoot now that it works.

We have a redirection component that handles URLs from the old site, which we need to leave on for a few months until Google migrates its search results to the new URL scheme. However, I’ve seen a couple of times where the component mis-fires. Unfortunately, we also have aggressive caching on the site, especially for users who aren’t logged in - so it’s possible your browser/proxy/everything-else was caching the old response. It’s just as possible our upstream cache (we use CloudFlare) was doing it for a bit.

Hi. I’m new here but I’m having the same problem. IE 11 and Pale Moon 26 on Windows 10 Enterprise. Like Wes said, only Forum, Calendar, and Login seem to work. Flushing the cache did nothing but since I’ve never been here before, I’m not surprised.