What happened to PowershellCommunity.org?

Does anyone know what happened to Powershellcommunity.org?

BTW, I can’t type in this text form in Google Chrome (v27, Windows 8 64bit). Only IE. Makes this forum pretty inaccessible to Chrome users…

On our Site Info page (in the menu), look at our Forum Tips page. You’ll see screen shots where we’ve tested the site in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. They all work fine. There’s more detail on that page. I get e-mail all the time from people who tell me only Chrome works for them, or only Firefox, or only IE. Actually, “only IE” is pretty rare.

It’s something specific to your installation, and thus far nobody’s been able to take the time and work with me on the back-end to troubleshoot the problem. You’re welcome to contact me (“Site Info” has a contact form) if you’d like to volunteer. I can’t troubleshoot it, because on every network and computer I have access to, all three browsers work fine. I’ve even spun up VMs on a couple of cloud-based services and tested all three browsers, and they’ve all worked. It is likely Javascript-related. Check the browser’s console or debug mode to see if it’s failing to load something or spewing errors.

PowerShellCommunity.org was turned to “read only” mode when this site launched. It was always owned by Quest, which is now part of Dell; they recently shut the site down completely and are redirecting the URL to Quest.com, I believe.

Thanks for your reply. So what has become of all the precious knowledge from PowershellCommunity? Did Dell just squash it?!

I’m attaching a screenshot of my Chrome console output. It doesn’t look like a javascript problem, it looks like it doesn’t like going back and forth between http and https.

Yes, unfortunately we weren’t given access to the old content.

That screen shot’s very useful - many thanks. I’m going to look through that. I don’t think it’s the protocol causing your specific issue - see where there’s a crayon JS failing to load? That’s the editor box. We’ve been having some other problems with it - I may need to turn it off for a bit. Do me a favor and try again tomorrow and let me know what it does.


Whatever you did, “Crayon” works for me  in Chrome now!  Thanks!!