VS Code add-in for Powershell

I am trying to prepare the VS Code on my Windows laptop for On Ramp. I identified 4 “add-ins” (under CUSTOMIZE >> Languages & Tools):

Powershell 1.0.0, PS Stack Overflow, Powershell Pro Tools 0.1.3, Codeshell 0.2.2

I installed the first – Powershell 1.0.0.

Hope this is the correct one for On Ramp.

Would appreciate a confirmation that I installed the right add-in for OnRamp.

Many thanks.

You’re going to find that we can’t confirm everything for you :). A pre-requisite of OnRamp is a strong familiarity with Windows administration, and that would include installing software. There are LOTS of places online where you can read about setting up PowerShell compatibility in VS Code; you’re going to need to explore those on your own, and do your best to get it set up. Being successful in PowerShell largely means being able to self-learn a lot of the time, so this will be your way to prove to yourself that you’re ready!

This is an all-volunteer site, though, and we’re not going to be able to provide ‘confirmation’ for all 40 people enrolling in OnRamp. The expectation is that you’ll be able to get at least the software installed without help.

For example, I Googled “set up powershell vs code” and got https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/languages/powershell, which seems like it’d be a great walkthrough.

Many thanks, Mr Jones.