Setup - Configure VS Code Powershell

Hi All,

Can someone please direct me to a set of instructions for installing/configuring VS Code for use with Powershell? I have downloaded it several times and tried going through the settings but things never seem to work correctly. Example. I just cleared all the VS stuff from the computer, reinstalled again, as admin, wrote one line script to CLS. When run, it creates a new JavaScript terminal session every time. I have 328 running right now!
I’m looking for instructions which start
#1 Breath
#2 Move
#3 Turn on Computer.

Does such a document exist?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!


Actually it is pretty straight forward. Following these instructions should work:

Thanks for the info Olaf. I went and uninstalled VS Code, then searched for anything VS whatever on the hard drive - deleted it. Re-booted. Searched again and deleted more stuff. Strapped the laptop to the top of the car and took it through 52 consecutive car washes. CC-Cleaned the registry for klingons, rebooted some more. Reinstalled VS Code and I think it’s OK but will just wait and see if any boogers show up.

Thanks again