VS Code and Powershell Core 6.1.1 -- preparing my laptop for OnRamp

I have been acquainting myself with VS Code editor.
Still haven’t figured out how to “configure it” properly for PowerShell.

I downloaded (from GitHub) the 64-bit version of Powershell Core 6.1.1.
It installed rather quickly without any error messages.
I ran it and found out that it opens a command-line window that looks like ff.:

Powershell 6.1.1
Copyright Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Type 'help' to get help.

PS C:\Users\XXC>

‘XXC’ is my UserID in Windows.
Would appreciate some confirmation that this is the correct Powershell Core expected of attendees who signed up for OnRamp.
Many thanks.

That’s pretty much it. There is a PowerShell add-in for VS Code that lets it do syntax highlighting and run your scripts inside Code, and it’d be worth installing that.

Many thanks Mr Jones. Much appreciated.