Powershell ISE recommendations

Besides the standard ISE for PowerShell what others do yall recommend to use?


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Thanks Olaf i will defiantly check this out, any videos on youtube you would recommend to learn how to use it?

There is nothing in particular that I could recommend but there are more than enough of them. VSCode has its own chanel on Youtube and they even have a great docs section on their website … including videos. :wink:

I’d search for VSCode AND PowerShell. :point_up_2:t4: :wink:

I agree with Olaf, as I am sure many others do. VSCode is great. If you are a VI user like myself, it gets even better as you can add the Vim Extension.

My $.02

Following 2 sites are more than enough:
Using Visual Studio Code for PowerShell Development - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs
Documentation for Visual Studio Code

Once you have VSCode installed, first step is to install powershell extension which provides language support.

To grasp VSCode in detail I suggest you to start by playing with options, there are many options and if you understand them in detail that’s a big thing because it will tell you a lot on how VSCode works and how to use it.

Following site (from link above) explains options:
Visual Studio Code User and Workspace Settings

Thank you all this is a lot of great info!