OnRamp - Powershell 5.1 and VS Studio Code requirements

I intend to register for OnRamp. Being a newcomer, I wish to prepare as much as possible for a “smooth” laptop for OnRamp. My current laptop is Win 7 but I will be getting a new one which most surely be Win10.

I’ve been learning PS on my own using Win7, PS 5.1 (64-bit) and ISE (integrated scripting editor?). I have Visual Studio (Community 2015) in conjunction with introductory courses in C# & VBasic. OnRamp will be using Visual Studio Code, not ISE. The latest Microsoft download website for Visual Studio is VS 2017. I just learned that Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code aren’t the same.

With the above said, I’d appreciate any quick pointers/references/warnings towards preparing a new laptop with Win10 and Visual Studio Code so that I can benefit from the OnRAMP; this is so I won’t be wasting time changing settings, etc. once I am attending OnRamp.

Would be grateful for any useful advice.



The intent is to use VS Code, not the Community edition of Visual Studio. If you install that and PowerShell (OnRamp is designed around Core, which is at 6.1, and it can live on the same laptop as Windows PowerShell 5.x), you should be fine.

Thanks Mr Jones, much appreciated.