Getting Powershell Core in VS Code

I have installed VS Code 1.29.1 and Powershell Core 6.1.1.

When I go into VS Code, I see several language extensions including Powershell 1.9.0, but nothing that explicitly says “Powershell Core”.

I must be missing something.

Would be grateful for any tips, advice, etc…




You ca refer this Blog post:

Much thanks Mr Kvprasoon, this article has been very useful.

Is VS Code now “the future”?

I have spent 6 months with the Windows Powershell ISE environment and have gotten very used to it. Now in exposing myself to VS Code (and Powershell Core), I feel like I lost some traction – the VS Code environment seems intimidating.

Thanks again.

Yup, I suggest you to move to VSCode. People who sued ISE from version 2.0 had switched to VSCode. It gives use many options and makes our life easier not only for PowerShell but for many other languages as well.