Spam filter is to restrictive, my post is not visible again.

Spam filter is to restrictive, my post is not visible again:

I don’t know what spam-filter solution this forum use, but it is simply to restrictive.

Given the amount of spam we catch on a daily basis, and the amount that still gets through, I’d say the filter is doing the best it can :). We have moderators who clear the spam queues every weekday, so if your post is “caught,” they’ll usually get it that day.

Posting multi-hundred-line code blocks can alarm the filters; I’ve always suggested that people use Gists instead, as it provides better formatting to boot.

Thanks for reaction, I will use gist for all my code to not trigger “spam filter”. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi There,

I just logged on to modify my forum entry and correct the layout based upon feedback from another member. After editing the code to be aligned correctly and removing comments, it disappeared. Can you check to see if it is still available? the title was “Powershell script to extract specific VM info from Hyper-V SCVMM”

One of the forum rules states dont post duplicates. I just want to make sure that I do not do this.

Many thanks.


This happened to me yesterday too. I checked back this morning and the posts still weren’t there. In an effort to answer the poster’s original question I was able to use the back button to find my post and copied and pasted to a new thread and it showed up.

Fast forward a few hours and my posts from yesterday showed up and now I look like an idiot :frowning: