Message on hold

Again. It happend again. Could you please set up your forum software to allow to edit a new post someone just created. When I look at other posts I can see that I’m not the only one correcting a post of me several times.

This is the thread my reply got stuck:

For now, it is cleared.

seems like, this has to be automated :slight_smile:

And here we go again …

Excellent idea. Or fix it. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… Akismet is already a fully automated solution, and that’s essentially the problem. Akismet doesn’t offer a lot of configuration options - it’s effectively a black box - and its spam filtering is based on a model that is developed and maintained by Auttomatic (the company that owns Wordpress) that relies on crowd-sourced data. Basically, the spam filtering being done on this forum is controlled by statistical data gathered from every Wordpress site that implements Akismet - which is most of them, because Akismet is included by default. We have no direct control over how that spam filtering works, or specific information on how it makes its judgments, because Akismet/Wordpress/Auttomatic do not share those details. It’s not something that we can just fix.

In theory, Akismet should eventually develop a local model for spam recognition with proper training (which I’ve been working on lately), but I think it will take a fairly large amount of data for that recognition model to become useful (e.g. significantly different from the global model), and it will never be perfect.

I’m not asking for perfection. But what I experience in the last weeks/months is in my opinion far away from working normal or working as expected. Don’t you agree? Do we/you really want to depend on black box algorhythms without any chance to have an influence? I think I wouldn’t. :wink:

Thanks for the insight anyway … appreciate it.

I agree that Akismet isn’t particularly good at its job, and it does seem like your posts have been flagged fairly often lately. From sifting through the spam folder, I can tell you that we get more false positives than actual spam - it’s not only happening to you. This is largely due to being a forum focused on code - posts here don’t look like the majority of posts across all Wordpress sites.

Changing spam filter systems would be a fairly large step and might create disruptions with the forum database. Personally I’d like to use something that offers more control than we currently have, but it probably wouldn’t be fast or simple to make the change.

Thanks for the posting

and happened again … could you please release it once more?

Actually I think the forum software you’re using does not offer that much functionality I’d expect. It is in fact impossible to search for specific posts even when you know they are there because you wrote them your self? :wink:

I’d prefer a more classical forum software like the one here: You can browse easily and fast, you can search and it looks much clearer with a great overview. is a WordPress website. The forum is built on the bbPress software for WordPress. The forum uses Akismet to accomplish spam filtering because it’s easy to implement in WordPress - all you have to do is turn it on, because it comes pre-installed by default.

It might be possible to change the spam filter plugin from Akismet to one of the other available options, and thereby remove our dependence on Akismet’s judgement of what is spam and what is not. This would not involve fundamental changes to the website, but because Akismet interacts with the forum database it could cause problems (corruption/damage). Any replacement system would need to be installed by someone who has at least a general grasp of WordPress site administration.

Replacing bbPress with a different forum software like phpBB is an entirely different proposition. It would mean re-designing the website to work with the new forum system, and either migrating the existing forum database to the new forum (potential data loss), or making the choice to start over with an empty forum. And there would be other problems - for instance, phpBB isn’t integrated with WordPress, so the user accounts wouldn’t map directly. Someone would have to find or develop a workaround for that. We would need staff with good experience with WordPress, bbPress, MySQL, general web development/server management, and whatever bbPress alternative software was chosen.

To be blunt, replacing Akisment is probably not going to happen without more widespread user problems. Right now we get ~3 false positives per day that need to be manually cleared. This is annoying, and it delays some conversations, but it isn’t really at a level where it justifies the work of replacing Akismet and having all the moderators learn to use a new system.
Replacing bbPress is probably not going to happen ever.

It happend again.

Could you please tell me why this post got on hold? I avoid to edit my posts shortly after I posted them.

I really would like to know why this happens

What did I do wrong in this post?

Sometimes it’s not fun anymore to use forum.

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