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I am new to the site and have requested profile verification which hopefully will allow to bypass some of the filters applied to posts. However, so far it seems my profile is still not verified and my only two posts have been held for moderation and by the time they are approved (the second one is still not visible) the conversation has been pushed down by others reducing topic visibility and the possibility to get a reply from other members. This is just some friendly and hopefully useful feedback. Thanks!


Hi FerC,

You can post this query under section.

Thank you.

Thanks @Ferc for the feedback. I couldn’t see any posts pending for moderation now. If still not approved by any moderators, can you share the title of the post ?
I’ve informed the team about profile verification and will share the updates here.

Sorry, not realized this is posted in the right section, I saw this post from ‘Posts with no replies’ filter.

Thank you.

Hi Kiran and kvprasoon. Thank you both for your answer. I believe this topic is already in the suggested section. Isn’t it?

Regarding the posts held for moderation. This is the thread / topic:

I can only see the original post but I have created a second one that is not visible (at least for me). The topic post count is two from the main forum view but when I open it I still see only the first one.


Got it. The engine has treated the second post as spam. I just cleared it.

Thanks kvprasoon. I guess my feedback is regarding the time it has taken for my posts to be approved. Unfortunately, it makes it less likely that other members will read them and respond since by the time they are approved and become visible to everyone there are several newer threads.

That said, thanks for following up. I appreciate it.

Edit: I just added missing “[ pre ]” tags to the same post and it disappeared again.


when there are too much of edits on the same post, aksimet(spam detection) will treat it as spam.

Adding on to this as the auto-mod seems to be a bit overzealous lately. In the past two weeks I’ve had a few posts that have been flagged for no reason that I can determine, as they were on the first submit (not after editing). The current post in question is #194045. Before that, I had a post that should have appeared in the thread How to improve the script, but apparently got deleted instead (again, first submit, no editing).

Would it be possible to at least list a reason along with the “This post is awaiting moderation” message? With no feedback, I have no idea what is causing the posts to be flagged, so I seem to be repeating the same mistake (whatever it is). Is it too many external web links? too many preformatted blocks? or is there another issue?

Hey Grokkit,

We upgraded out backed spam filters and looks like it may have gotten a little to high. On the flip side we also used to have a dedicated team of 5-6 forum moderators who were really good at keeping everything approved etc…but now we are down to 1.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us if you are interested. But in the mean time we will look at why things are being flagged more often.

OK i have been doing some digging and one of the reasons is that you include a lot of hyperlinks in your replies (#194045 for instance had 5 hyperlinks in it.) . Our spam bots detected that as possible spam and hold it for moderation. I am tweaking those settings as well. Hopefully we will start seeing improvements in the near future with the tweaks we are making.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Also fell free to email admin [at] powershell [dot] org to discuss privately.

[quote quote=194186] …We are always looking for volunteers to help us if you are interested. But in the mean time we will look at why things are being flagged more often.


I am a new member and perhaps some seniority is required but I would be willing to assist in anything that is required if that is OK.


Aha! Yeah, I like to point people to references and extra information. Thank you for looking into it.

Thanks! do you think it would be possible to list some of the simpler trigger limits on the forum somewhere? It might reduce the moderation workload if people know what to avoid doing in their posts.