Help Needed: Skype and Google Voice - click to call PowerShell script

Hi all - I am using an application which allows me to enable Click to Call feature (when a phone number is clicked from our clients list, the application will run the PowerShell Script and automatically dial the number from Skype and Google Voice. But I can’t quite figure out what script to use… Help please.
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>This is the application I am using</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>They have a list of scripts on the website - I copied and pasted the script below to the application. It was able to bringing up the Skype application when I click to call a client from our contact list, but it didn’t dial out or ask me if I want to use Skype to dial xxx-xxx-xxxx. I am hoping to get the PowerShell Script for both Skype and Google Voice for AlphaDrive. Thank you again!</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>Configuring AlphaDrive Click-to-Call for the “New” Skype</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>#</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>$DefaultCountryCode = “1”</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>if(-not $PhoneNumber.StartsWith($DefaultCountryCode) -and -not $PhoneNumber.StartsWith("+" + $DefaultCountryCode)){
$PhoneNumber = $DefaultCountryCode + $PhoneNumber
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>if(-not $PhoneNumber.StartsWith("+")){
$PhoneNumber = “+” + $PhoneNumber
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”># There’s a bug in skype so we send the number twice
$Args = “–_=”“skype:$PhoneNumber;$PhoneNumber;?call”""</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>$Args</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”># This file path will need to be changed if Skype is stored in a different location on your computer
& “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Skype for Desktop\Skype.exe” $Args</p>