Send Skype message through PS

I know, a strange question, but is there a way to send a Skype message through PowerShell?


Because PS is based on .net, if you can do something with .net, you’ll be able to do with with PS (except extreme low level coding) but anything that has an API for that matter that is accessible for .net languages you’ll be able to use in PS as well.

Look for info on how to send messages from c# for example and then how to call .net from within PS.

Id even look for any skype referenced repos on github to see if anyone did this before.

If by Skype you mean Skype For Business, this might help you out (disclaimer: the article is not my work, and I have not tested it):
Send Skype For Business (Lync) IMs via Powershell


Thanks, I didn’t even realize I could use a .net script.

I had just saw the AngryAdmin post last night.

Thanks to both of you for pointing me in the right direction.