Click to call in outlook

was wondering if there were a powershell script to make outlook 2016 able to click to call within any of my emails (i already have a VOiP service but they do not support this function)

Meaning when i look at a email and see a phone number have a clickable phone icon to call that number

This would be a Outlook Addon (aka compiled code)

would there be a powershell script that can do the same since i looked and looked there isnt any click to call feature that works for me

I don’t think so. Addons are compiled binaries that extend Outlook with it’s SDK

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thanks as i will look into it

Does your VOIP app have a CLI way to make call? If it does you may be able to modify the URL:callto handler. The problem there though is someone needs to create a callto link for it to be useful

I use Vonage and i don’t think it will work

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