GUI "Defaults" vs "Properties"

I know this is silly but I’m customizing my console window, but I can’t see the difference between Defaults and Properties. When I click the PowerShell icon in the top left of the window, the properties menus works for me, but the defaults menu doesn’t seem to change anything. Thanks

When you change the Properties it is for the current window, when you change the Defaults sticks and any new windows should open with those settings.

Properties basically applies to a single shortcut. The PowerShell.exe shortcut that Windows gives you by default is what gets you the standard “white on blue” coloring, font, etc.

If you open a command prompt and instead type “start PowerShell.exe”, you’ll see the Default settings in action, which are closer to what you’d see on the old command prompt.

That is what is happening, changing the defaults does not change my pinned Powershell shortcut. Hitting the Start button, and typing powershell also accesses a shortcut, it isn’t changed by “defaults” either. Thanks everyone.