Administration Utility Idea

Okay so i’ve been thinking, with Microsoft taking the Linux road (and they are with 2012 and on with the GUI being optional in the build) why don’t they offer some sort of Administration utility for Admins who want to embrace the “CLI only” way of doing things now?

Think about it, you look at a Linux Engineer’s desktop and he doesn’t have a bunch of RDP sessions open or a ton of Notepad files open or spreadsheets. He has a couple Terminals open along with some web browser windows (maybe an RDP session if he needs a windows login.)

Windows Admins should have this.

Terminator is a great utility that allows Linux admins to have multiple terminal emulators in one Window. I cant tell you how useful that would be for a Windows Admin.

The only thing is that Windows doesn’t have a Native “In-Console” Text editor that does syntax highlighting and such. You can Install gVIM but its not native.

The features for I’m looking for are as such.

  • Terminal Emulator for PowerShell that allows you to have more than one PowerShell instance in one window.
  • When remoted into a system the bar above that Window changes colors along with your prompt.
  • In-Console Text editor that does syntax highlight/cmdlet dropdowns/syntax highlighting/find-replace/etc…
  • In the Same window we should have the ability to bring up a text-editor similar to an IDE so we can always see the script we are working on.

I know the PowerShell ISE has some of these features but its just not configurable enough to be an Administrative utility.

Thoughts? Know of a tool like this?



Check out conemu. It doesn’t do all of this, but it is a fantastic terminal emulator for Windows. I use it with multiple PowerShell, cygwin, bash, etc. tabs all the time. A truly amazing tool: