Pagers and editors in remote PSSessions

Hi Folks,

Coming historically from a UNIX and Linux scripting background, even though my Windows admin experience pre-dates NT, I am used to having full character based functionality in a remote session.

In *x, when I ssh to a remote system, I can edit a file with vi and less pages a file exactly as on my local system.

With *-PSSession that is not the case.

More and less are not effective, the text just scrolls by.

vi is unresponsive, showing only a blinking cursor… :frowning:

Is it because that Windows, having always been tied so closely to a GUI in the past, has no concept/implementation of terminal emulation?


PSSessions are not terminal emulators, and interactive console applications are not supported in this context. That said, v5 is adding a new feature to the ISE where you can enter a PSSession and then run "psedit " to edit a file remotely, which will come in handy.

Thanks, Dave.

I suspected as much…

We need to monitor (read and search) text based log files remotely w/o using RD at all.