Multiple PowerShell Integrated Console Tabs in one VSCode instance

I’m trying to make the transition from ISE to VS Code, and more so trying to sell VSCode to my coworkers as a primary tool. I feel pretty close at this point in terms of compatibility, except for the Run mode. I can only seem to open one “PowerShell Integrated Console” (PSIC from here on) at a time. Anything else is just “powershell.” The difference, of course, is that the “powershell” window does not communicate with the editor window.

Sample Scenario: I have two editor tabs open with code in each that are independent of each other, but could take an hour or two to run. I hit f5 in one window and it switches whatever tab I had selected in the Terminal window to the PSIC window and starts running the script there. The only way I can figure out to run the second script is to open a new VS Code instance, copy over the non-executed code, and then f5.

Not sure that this is right forum to have this conversation. You may want to reach out to one of the official channels to discuss:

Sorry, will do. Thanks!

I think Windows Terminal can split the screen now…

It can split screen, but the new screen in the split becomes a normal PowerShell window too and won’t work with the editor. I’m hoping this is just something I’m unaware of how to do, but realize it might just not exist or be possible with VSCode architecture.