Windows 10 Storage Space Two Drives Retired

Hopefully someone can help me with this (thanks in advance).

I have an HP Microserver running Windows 10 with Plex as my media server. My media was stored in a storage space (with parity) which I have not had trouble with until now. The storage space contains 3 x 2TB drives so I have ~ 4TB usable space. Unfortunately I didn’t write down what happened at every step so here is the order of events of the last few days from memory:

  1. I could not browse a specific folder in the pool
  2. Ran a powershell command to scan and fix any errors on the drive. After this everything work again.
  3. Sometime the next day when the pool was being written to I received another error but this time a drive was showing up as Retired and the virtual disk was showing as Degraded. After some google-fu it seemed like the drive had failed. Despite the error the pool still worked (as you would expect).
  4. Replaced the drive with an identical drive I ordered
  5. Initialised the disk in PS
  6. Added the disk to the storage pool in PS
  7. Ran a repair on the virtual disk via Repair-VirtualDisk
  8. The virtual disk was still showing as Degraded and there was an error in the GUI for storage spaces
  9. Rebooted, after this everything showed fine - Great!
  10. I started to copy data to the storage space and after only a few minutes the storage space showed as Red with a warning. I checked PS but now two of the drives were showing as Retired!
  11. After rebooting the red warning went away and changed to yellow (reduced resiliency, check physical drives) but the drive was not visible and the Storage Space was showing as offline in PS.
  12. I went into Disk Manager and marked the drive as online which did indeed bring it back online.

So this is where I am now. I have two drives in my storage pool showing as Retired (I’m not 100% but I presume that these are the two original drives and not the newly installed one) with a degraded virtual disk but I can still access the drive. The drives seem very flaky so I’m worried about copying any further data to the storage space. I’m currently trying to copy data off to external hard drives although I will run out of space soon. Surely these two drives can’t both be retired? That would mean three disk failures over three days which just doesn’t seem right (although they were purchased at the same time so likely the same batch).

Here is the current situation for clarity: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Is there just something wrong with the storage space that can be fixed in PS or are the drives really at fault?

Any help anyone can provided would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Is this KB relevant to you? Issue 2 in particular: