Manage Mount Points

Hi guys,

Long story short, I need to migrate a file server with lots of Mount Points and TB of info. As you can imagen the maintenance window is not going to be long, I need to manage the reassignment of Mount Points on the new server rapidly.

The disks come from multiple Storage via FC and all of them are mounted on the same drive and folder. The old server it’s going to be shutdown and the disks assigned to the new host.

Can you think of a way to “remap” all of the mount points fast? I know i can use Powershell to get all of the mount points and disk details including ID but i can’t guess how to automatize the task.


v5 offers a bunch of new commands for storage management, but I believe they’re unique to the newest versions of Windows. You don’t mention what version you’re running, but I’d perhaps start there. Earlier versions… you may be out of luck.

I forgot to mention, I’m migrating from a 2008 R2 to a 2012 R2.