There has been a critical error on your website

… this is new for me … since a few days I get an error from time to time with message shown in the subject. Just the error message and a link to “Learn more about debugging in WordPress”. The post I tried to create in this moment is actually there but is obviously not “counted”. The message list does not indicate a new reply.

And another weird behaviour appeared when I visited with another browser with incognito mode without beeing logged in. This way I saw a complete different list of forum messages … somehow from a few hours before.

I get this too.

I am also seeing this error.

Edit: but, ironically, not when posting this reply…

The worst thing on that is that no one from the moderators or admins seems to care. :-/

… happened again just right now with my last answer here … and there’s not even something fancy in it.

Thanks @olaf-soyk for the concern, lets discuss it it here: