Powrshell.org wonkiness

See weird issues when I attempt to use this site. Just hasn’t been reliable in a number of months. Not predictably, any way.

Here’s some examples if you could corroborate, please:

Logging in, straight away get an error: “you have 3 attempts” yet it was right the first time. Requires a Captcha which isn’t there on the very first logon

After composing a post and I submit, I get an error “Error: Duplicate topic detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that.”, which I didn’t. Ultimately I lose my careful constructed post and have to start over.

My entire user post history is gone and there’s no way to search for it. I used this past history to help me with current issue first, to see if it’s already been answered in the years past.

Is there a possibility to get on a different platform that is easier to use? So much talent here but getting to them is getting more and more difficult, imho.

Thanks for reading