How to RESET my Powershell knowledge


I have been out of touch since the Covid in Jan-2020. I have been isolated abroad and tied down with family issues. I know this is perhaps not the forum for this kind of help, but I’d like to “start all over again” with Powershell, as I was once very immersed in it, and truly loved it. Now I need to get back to the “basics” first: (1) reinstall the latest Powershell 7.x? (2) create the developer’s environment properly with VS Code with the appropriate settings (this latter task is intimidating to me, I really don’t know where to begin. I would be very grateful if someone can just give me the outline of the steps with the proper weblinks to “put me back on track” with Powershell. I have several books on Powershell, including the “learn in 30 days” by Jones (still my favorite). Would appreciate some new references.

I am a retiree and do not do software development other than to automate my repetitive routines on my Windows10 PC. I understand that these days, a bare bones knowledge of using Github is also a must, and would appreciate some beginner’s tutorial reference.

Thanking you in advance, and my apologies if this was not the correct forum to request this kind of assistance.

as far as git goes, you can always pickup “learn git in a month of lunches” and while not github specific, it will be a familiar learning format to what you already have with your “jones” book.

VS code, the site for that has lots of learning resources, and of resources for learning to use it.

and of course, just dive back in. start writing code, run into a wall, google around and/or ask specific questions here.

Many thanks Matt, much appreciated.