Query AD from Powershell core on a RHEL

Has anyone queried AD from Powershell core on a RHEL?


Can you provide more information as to what you are looking for assistance with? What are you trying to accomplish/research about?

I have a CSV being delivered to a folder on a linux server on a daily interval. I need to add a few fields into that CSV by pulling data from AD.
I have the logic worked out for doing it on a windows box. But on a Linux box I have no idea if/how to query AD.

Currently Microsoft ActiveDirectory team doesn’t support PowerShell Core. The Active Directory Module is only support for Windows machines. I would suggest looking into using LDAPSearch for your queries against Active Directory instead.


Any word on getting the ActiveDirectory module ported to Powershell Core? That ends up being probably my most used module, and I’d love to be able to run it from a Mac or on a Linux box…

Unfortunately nothing I’m aware of the last blog about ActiveDirectory and PowerShell Core was back at the end of July 31st 2018 in the Dev Blogs. The latest blog about PowerShell Core is 04-04-2019. Links below for reference.