ActiveDirectory for PowerShell on Linux?

I have been loking around to see if I can do something with ActiveDirectory with PowerShell on Linux.

It works easily on Windows 2012R2 but I have a Linux machine joined to the same AD and have powershell on it. So I was trying to find out if I can do something similar there.

So far I was unable to find anything usefull on the Internet. But please point to existing information that I might have missed.

Not really. The AD cmdlets rely on bits of .NET Framework that don’t exist in Core, so they can’t run on Linux. The older ADSI COM layer obviously isn’t on Linux, either, so that wouldn’t be an option.

In theory you could do implicit remoting, and just run the commands from a DC. That’s actually kind of the big-picture vision: you don’t install commands on every machine in the company. You just leave them where it makes sense, like on a DC or a jump server, and then remote to that place to run them.

That makes totally sense. So now I need to figure out the remoting to catch what I need there and then act on it localy.