Managing Local Admins and Users without Active Directory

After googling this a bit, I’m starting to come to the conclusion that this simply isn’t possible with Powershell. All the code samples I’ve found use Active Directory, something as an OEM that I will never use.

Is this even possible???

Perhaps this module can be of help?

I suspect that there may be some confusion between the terms “Active Directory” and “ADSI” (Active Directory Service Interface). You can use ADSI as a programming API even in a workgroup or standalone computer environment, via its WinNT Provider. That’s how the module that Øyvind linked to works.

Thanks for the tip!..I had assumed I needed Active Directory to use any of the AD specific commands.

The script you recommended is working as needed. Thanks!

This issue has been solved for me. Not sure how to mark the thread as such. Thanks, again!