PWS - O365 And disapearing Calendar Events

Hello People, We have O365/ outlook and Azure. A few of the Executive Admins will create Calendar events and send to recipients, sometimes the recipient will click accept and the event will disappear from the originators calendar. It’s not consistent but happens pretty regularly. I ran PWS to find the logs -

Get-CalendarDiagnosticObjects -Identity “Jane Doe” -Subject “Something Interesting” -ExactMatch $true. Then this

Get-CalendarDiagnosticObjects -Identity “Jane Doe” -MeetingID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx101A82E00800000000693ADAA3B5FCD201000000000000000010000000FF760A70460EAA4096B879872DF24F49

See the output below -

CalendarLogRequestId :
CalendarLogTriggerAction :
OriginalClientInfoString :
ClientInfoString :
ItemClass :
ItemVersion :
ParentDisplayName :
AppointmentAuxiliaryFlags :
AppointmentRecurrenceBlob :
AppointmentSequenceNumber :
AppointmentState :
CalendarOriginatorId :
ChangeList :
CleanGlobalObjectId :

Maybe I’m over looking something but I cant seem to locate where or what causes the disappearing calendar event. I can provide more detail if needed but do not want to post internal data.

Thanks all in advance

Hello @newbie,
Is it happening in some specific email client (web, outlook, mobile)?
When it disappears from organizer’s calendar is it still present in recipient’s one?

Is it happening when meeting invites are send to specific domains?

Is it a meeting with MS Team link?

As a side note, your question is really about calendar event issues in Exchange\Outlook, not really Powershell per se. You should post the question in a Exchange Admin forum.

We just solved an odd one like this where one person was not getting invitations, specifically from people running on GSuite. It turned out that the person was the account owner of a GSuite instance when the company was using it (now using 0365) and Google re-routes everything internally for that smtp address to the Google account instead of sending it externally, so the person never got the invites. Tough one to figure out.

Hi Andysvints,

A.1 - The calenday invites are sent to internal users on a single domain
A.2 - Its, thankfully just a single domain
A.3 - No MS Team link

Thanks for following up

Hi Rob-Simmers,

Oddly enough, we have gone through several mail platform upgrades, starting from Lotus Notes. I wasn’t around for the changes however I wonder what settings or something more was carried over during the migrations. Again, we have never had a clean build, only migrations.

I’m not sure if I can move this into the Exchange category but Ill try