Can't modify emails after import from PST

Hi Guys,

I have a problem. after migration to O365, users can’t modify calendar events, that have been imported.

I know, that is by design, as the objects don’t have the GOID parameter anymore.

How do I fix this? preferably, with a quick, automtic solution (ex. with exchange online powershell)? I know, that moving items from one folder to another and then back should apply GOID parameter again, but how to automate it?

Fixing it from client side is a little difficult, as all the users use MacOS, and the Outlook that they have doesn’t work exactly as the one for Windows. I also couldn’t find any way to fix it with OWA.

When we migrated from EX2010 to O365 I didn’t run into any issues with calendar items, but I did run into issues with public folder permissions that didn’t carry over properly.

If you were previously running exchange, then you could do an export of permissions to a csv file and then reapply to the objects in O365. The below cmdlets should help you in your search to automating this.



Yeah, i forgot to tell you, i’ve already checked that and even granting the widest access to the calendar for the user doesn’t change it.