Set-CalendarProcessing - How to use this CMDLET to disable the outlook option "Delete meeting requests and notifications after responding"


I have been trying to find a way to use PS to alter the option “Delete meeting request and notifications after responding” that shows up in the outlook desktop client. Specifically this would be for a resource (conference room) mailbox. The delegated user requested that option be changed so that meeting requests are not deleted after a response is sent. Rather than remoting in to make the change or give them instructions I figured I’d try to find a way to do this on my end with PS so in the future I don’t have to schedule with them etc. I didn’t see an option to change this in exchange online admin center for the mailbox either, and adding myself as a delegated member for every conference room we have would be absurd. I’m not sure if it’s “RemoveOldMeetingMessages” or something else entirely. I tried testing in my own client by unchecking the box and using Get-CalendarProcessing to see if it changed the value on my own profile but the option does not change from $True no matter if the option is selected or not. I changed the value to $False with Set-CalendarProcessing and even after being $False (confirmed) the option in the client did not change. I have not been able to test the behavior yet but wondered if anyone knows if this attribute manipulates that option in outlook or not.

Any direction would be great.