PS Month of Lunches 2nd ed; Appendix (Review lab 3) typos


You mentioned you were going through the code in the 2nd edition for the upcoming edition. Do you still need any errata I find as I go through? Wasn’t sure. Anyway, saw these tonight in my studies.

There has been mention of “Appendix A” at key chapters in the book but there is only (1) Appendix, named “Appendix”.

I believe you are missing the answer to Question #4 “Get-Variable” and that the answers for questions # 4 and #5 in the answer doc are actually the answers for questions #5 and #6 (#6 is “missing”)

For Task 3, the book requests VM and PM expressions in MB but the answer file is expressed in GB.

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It’d actually be more helpful if you could email me (donj@) - it’ll be a little easier to consume your feedback and make sure I’m catching everything.

sure thing Don…submitted + going forward