Windows PowerShell 4: TFM Task Answers?


I’ve been reading through Windows PowerShell 4: TFM, great book so far. I’m wondering for those who have read it, are you aware of any answers or guide for each of the tasks that are part of the exercises at the end of each chapter?

The tasks are great to apply what was learned in the chapter, it would be nice to be able to confirm my answers are what would be expected, or just something to refer to when the task is tougher to figure out how to accomplish properly. Would have been nice if they were included in the book.

I’ve done a lot of searching around online and cant find any resources that answers these tasks. Any ideas?

Hi Graydon! See my post here regarding answers – but after reading that – if you have a specific question - I’m happy to help. You can email me from the blog, or tweet to me @theJasonHelmick


Ah perfect, thanks, Jason!

I figured this was the reason why and I agree with your points, no answers definitely forces people to learn how to find their own path and makes that information stick.
On the flip side, it is nice to be able to confirm a conclusion is “correct” or the “best approach”, when possible, since there are so many ways to accomplish the same task. The ability to compare my approach to somebody else’s can further enhance the learning experience, how were they different? What could I have done differently? Even though the results are the same, are there any impacts to being done differently (performance, more error prone, etc).
I think one of the harder things is trying to create something that when somebody else looks at it (or yourself in the future) the feeling isn’t that it is sloppy and “bad code”, something you can create and be proud of instead of hide in shame.
I guess that is all part of learning and progression since no book will make you an expert over night :slight_smile:

I will definitely reach out to you if anything else comes up while I continue through this book.