Missing content in Learn Powershell In a month of lunches 2nd edition?

Hi guys.

I started a few weeks back reading Don Jones and Jeffrey Hicks book “Learn Powershell in a month of lunches: Second Edition”. So I could try to learn powershell (Trying to learn as much as I can as a new windows admin). So far it’s been great and I’ve learned a lot (but still got loads to go on). I also started watching the companion videos on youtube after finishing each chapter.

Though I am wondering if the book is missing chapters from the first edition due to some of the companion videos on youtube having content I am unable to find in the book. Thus making it hard to understand without doing extra research/re-watching the videos a few times. Example videos I can think about are the the companion videos about functions, advanced functions, switch etc. I’ve read up to chapter 26 (Using someone else’s script) and I cannot remember learning about the that stuff in the book. So I am wondering if this is just extra content not available in the book, or just missing conent from the first edition?


  • MPC

Don’t know if the community can determine if something is missing in a book or web content, but if you have questions specifically on how something works then this a great place to ask. Don might have some comments or suggestions when he has time to review the threads.