PS Gotchas e-book

I’m not sure if this is the right place for my post, but I just purchased online the Big Book of Powershell Gotchas. Many pages (especially at the title) have typos/misprints (?) it seems, based on a few quick observations, almost always 3 characters and when the apostrophe is used. The successive characters are always lower case ‘a’ with circumflex, the euro currency symbol, and the TM superscript. Is there a correct copy somewhere?


From where you bought it, is it from here (its free) ?
If so , you can correct it. Fork below repo, make corrections and do a Pull request.

Yes, I clicked into the “Free e-books” within website (I was also Logged on) and selected the Gotcha e-book. I had to give my VISA card and pay $5 because that was the screen that followed (I don’t mind paying the $5). I received email receipts from LeanPub. Unfortunately I do not know of a way to attach that email receipt via this post, or a screenshot of it. Thanks in any case – the document (PDF file) is still readable, but contains many, many succession of bungled characters consisting of those 3 I mentioned in my first post. It is clearly intended to display the single quote (apostrophe). Many thanks.

btwn, below is the dedicated forum for this discussion