PowerShell in a month of lunches V2 and V3

I have been reading the PowerShell in a month of lunches v2 and made it to around chapter 13, and just received v3 a couple days ago. Should I start back at chapter 1 in the new book, or skip back to chapter 13?

Should I attempt to just do the questions at the end of each chapter and if I am able to, skip that chapter and move to the next? Just curious how much v3 differs from v2 and wondering if i should start from scratch or continue where I left off?



I’d do the questions at the end, yes. Not a TON changed, although Jeff and I did enhance most of the chapters in some way and correct some problems we’d found. It’s probably 40% different, or thereabouts. We did pull out some of the ending v2 chapters and make the whole new Toolmaking book out of them, so the further in the book you go the more different it gets.