Powershell Core (6.1) does not "recognize" Out-gridview

I have been struggling with why PS Core flags this as an error but PS ISE doesn’t:

Get-date | Out-Gridview

The term 'Out-Gridview' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, ...

Why am I using Out-gridview instead of, say, Format-list (which was what I originally used)? Reason: to be able to view the rather long output which, if displayed by Format-List, scrolls rather quickly on a limited PC screen and requires unwieldy backspacing to the “top”. A separate window containing the output can be more easily browsed / read upwards/downwards, just like the -Showwindow in Help.

Would be grateful if you could share a way of doing this in PS Core (6.1).


ISE doesn’t use powershell core.

the ISE is a deprecated environment that is only function up to powershell for windows 5.1

So when you test in ISE, you’re actually using powershell 5.1 for windows.

It is reccomended by microsoft that if you need the graphical editor that you switch to Visual Studio Code

Some quick googling shows a few people implementing similar functionality though.

Out-GridView is not available in PowerShell 6.x as of now as it requires WPF support, It might come back when .Net core 3.0 is live, and only in Windows.

Thank you Mr Schmidtberger. Yes indeed, PS ISE is a different entity. It puzzles me that moving to “new” future platform lessens the functionality. It’s hard enough learning the new platform and then losing some of the capabilities in the old. In any case, I am very grateful for your two additional references. I can say I’m not alone in this dilemma. I hope those folks can come up with an equivalent for Windows GUI output display like Out-Gridview, and also for the Help -ShowWindow outputs. As a beginner, I am just beginning to discover more difficulties of VS Code/PS 6.1 – it insists on a Full naming of cmdlets, has low tolerance for aliases. Which is perhaps better (more readable). Many thanks for your kind attention and sharing of technical tips.

Thanks very much Mr KVprasoon, your answer is enlightening to me, as it just dawned on me that Powershell Core was meant to also “embrace” Linux/Unix and Mac platforms, so the dependency on WPF does not exist. I hope .Net Core will eventually grow to nearly = today’s .Net in terms of the class libraries and WPF support.

On a personal level, I am more interested in developing fairly simple Powershell apps that deal with single-user, stand-alone Microsoft ACCESS databases. I have come across many sites dealing with specific aspects (just like the PS/Excel world), but none that cover the subject from “soup to nuts”. If you happen to know where such sources (websites) are, I’d be grateful for some references.

Thanks again for your usual excellent help!

The syntax highlighting in VSCode isn’t as good as ISE or Visual Studio though.

Yes, I have 2 laptops, both with a 17" display. The older supports 1600 x 900 while the newer one 3180 x 2160.

The PS ISE default of “white on top” (editor) and “blue on bottom)” (shell command line) seems clearer than VS Code’s color theme: Powershell ISE on both laptops.

Does anyone know how to change the font size in VS Code? I’ve scoured the numerous settings and can’t seem to find it. Would be grateful for any tips.

Thanks in advance.

Go to Settings (UI) -> User Settings -> Test Editor -> Font

Much thanks, Kiran.

WPF is coming to .NET Core, MS has already announced this. Thus it will come to PSCore be association.

https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2018/05/07/net-core-3-and-support-for-windows-desktop-applications https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2018/08/08/are-your-windows-forms-and-wpf-applications-ready-for-net-core-3-0 https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/mt848631.aspx

Many thanks, Mr postanote.