PowerShell core 6.0

What is the PowerShell core 6.0? Is it a new .net framework or is it simply just PowerShell 6.0?
I dont understand what is ment by core.
Anyone care to explain?

Best Regards,
Sigurd Skauvik (IKT Spesialisten, Skauvik).

It might be helpful to read PowerShell Core 6.0: Generally Available (GA) and Supported! - PowerShell Team

PowerShell Core runs on .NET Core. It is a different fork of the product than Windows PowerShell, which runs on full .NET.

OK. So it say i can run both Core and PowerShell side by side.
Do you have any idea if it will create a new Icon set for this?

Additionally, https://powershell.org/2018/01/15/can-we-talk-about-powershell-core-6-0/.

As for icons, I’d suggest installing into a VM and seeing if you’re happy with it.

Ok, at the moment i feel no need for it so i will just use the 5.1 version. But thanks for clearing things up!

If it is not inconvenient to ask, do you know how to make a $profile?
I could do notepad $profile but the file does not exist…

notepad $profile and let it create a new file.

Oh, i fixed it :slight_smile: