Powershell Beginner Here

I have just started working with Power shell and have some very baseline questions.

  1. There is an interface that must be downloaded and installed in order to code in Power shell. Where do I go to get it?
    What would be any tips or suggestions that any of you would be willing to provide for working with Power Shell?
    Thank you

You can use notepad to code powershell if you want. A tool called powershell ISE comes installed with powershell. There are a number of third party tools available for free to expensive. They just released powershell tools extension for visual studio. It’s up to you, really.

Powershell 2 comes with windows 7, powershell 3 with 8, 4 with 8.1, 5 will come with windows 10. you can upgrade to the current version by installing the current windows management framework. Powershell 2 is the latest available for install on XP, that is if they haven’t taken the download down.

I can suggest the powershell 3 mva. It is good. I’ve heard many people suggest powershell in a month of lunches, although I’ve never read it.