Parsing XML within subfolders

Hello All,

I am new to Powershell and need some help.

I have a folder with many xml files inside sub folders. I want to go through all the folders and look for file name with ABC.xml and search for a tag with key “TestTag” and if it exists get the value of that key.


The folder D:/TestFolder has subfolders and the file ABC.xml exists under D:/TestFolder/TestingFiles which has key “TestTag” as below

<myTag id="key">Testing</myTag>
<myTag id="value">testValue1</myTag>
<myTag id="key">TestTag</myTag>
<myTag id="value">MyValue</myTag>
<myTag id="key">OneTwoThree</myTag>
<myTag id="value">true</myTag>
<myTag id="key">ThisIsNot</myTag>
<myTag id="value">testValue2</myTag>

Output Expected:

FilePath --> D:D:/TestFolder/TestingFiles and Value --> MyValue

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