Help Parsing XML file

Wondering if someone can assist in my first attempt to parse an xml file.

The file is formatted as (apologies for the welfare xml format - I can’t figure out how to get it to show up:

-add key=“Imaging.Viewer.Remote1” assembly=“OpenContent.Platform.Imaging.dll” class=“OpenContent.Imaging.Services.ViewerASMXProxy”
-parameter name=“initializationKey” class=“string” value=“Imaging.Viewer.Remote1” –
-parameter name=“url” class=“string” value=“” –

My end goal is to make a list of all the URL’s listed on the URL class line. The “parameter name=“url” class=“string” value=” is used in other nodes as places within the customization node as well, so I need to limit it to just the one’s on a key -like “Imaging.Viewer.Remote

I’m not all that fluent in PowerShell or XML, but here’s what I’ve tried so far:

[xml]$ServiceFact = gc "C:\Logs\Internal Testing\ServiceFactoryConfiguration.xml"
$userServices = $ | % {$_.value -like "*imaging.viewer.remote*" }

This returns a list filled with just the word “False” repeated over and over. I thought I’d comment out the pipe section of it, but that just gives me the word “Add” over and over again. I’m probably missing something, but thinking I need to conquer this portion of it, then narrow down for each result to find the URL. Any thoughts?

Okay, I’ve gotten a little further… I’ve found that

[xml]$ServiceFact = gc "C:\\Logs\ServiceFactoryConfiguration.xml"
$userServices = $ServiceFact.factory.customization.userservices.add 

returns a list organized by key, assembly, class, and parameter. If I change it to:

[xml]$ServiceFact = gc "C:\\Logs\ServiceFactoryConfiguration.xml"
$userServices = $ServiceFact.factory.customization.userservices.add | % {$_.key -like "*imaging.viewer.remote*" }

I get true/false statements saying whether or not this value matches… How do I create a variable for a key like “imaging.viewer.remote” and a parameter like “URL” together?

Almost there… I’ve now got the childnodes showing the name, class, and value… I can actually see the URL I want to show…

$FormatEnumerationLimit = 80
[xml]$ServiceFact = gc "C:\Logs\ServiceFactoryConfiguration.xml"
$renderParam = $ServiceFact.factory.customization.userservices.add | where-object {$_.key -like "*imaging.viewer.remote*" }# | select-object parameter 
$renderparam | select-object -ExpandProperty childnodes

Last part is showing just the URL value. The one thing that’s constant in this value among all of our customers is the website/viewer/viewerasmx so I’m trying to figure out how to filter for that… I attempted this:

$FormatEnumerationLimit = 80
[xml]$ServiceFact = gc "C:\Logs\ServiceFactoryConfiguration.xml"
$renderParam = $ServiceFact.factory.customization.userservices.add | where-object {$_.key -like "*imaging.viewer.remote*" }# | select-object parameter 
$RenderURL = $renderparam | select-object -ExpandProperty childnodes
$renderURL | select-object value -like "*webaccess/viewer/viewerasmx*"

but it just gave me this error:

Select-Object : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name ‘like’.
At line:7 char:34

  • $renderURL | select-object value -like "webaccess/viewer/viewerasmx
  •                              ~~~~~
    • CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (:slight_smile: [Select-Object], ParameterBindingException
    • FullyQualifiedErrorId : NamedParameterNotFound,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.SelectObjectCommand

Got it!