New config using new version of Custom Resources

I have a server configured for pull mode using a configuration that use V1.0 of some custom resources we developed, and is working fine. I then created a new configuration for the server that uses a new version (V2.0) of the same custom resources. I published the new configuration (.mof and .checksum) and new custom resources (.zip and .checksum) to the pull server. I then updated the LCM on the server by giving it the GUID of the new configuration. The LCM pulled down both the new configuration and new version of the custom resources, but when it processed the new configuration it logged a bunch of errors stating that it couldn’t find the module containing the new custom resources under PSModulePath. I verified that the new custom resource module was in C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Module. So I killed all the WmiPrvSE.exe processes on the server and then forced the server re-evaluate it configuration, and it was processed without any errors?

Why would the LCM download the new custom resources but not be able to locate them without restarting the WmiPrvSE.exe processes? Is this the expected/correct behavior?

It may just be a bug. I know there’s a lot being done in v5 to address some other stuff in that module. Have you logged this as a bug in Connect?

I just logged this as a bug to Connect. Thanks