Managing Modules and custom resources

Hi, I would like to know what is the best way to mange modules and custom resources.I will explain my scenario.
I have multiple DSC servers which I use to push MOF files to their destination servers (each DSC resides in its domain).
When I am making changes to custom resources I need to:

  1. Change the version in the manifest (.psd1) file.
  2. Copy the folder to all DSC Servers modules folder.
  3. Create a .zip file with a checksum and copy it also to the DSC Servers this time to the DSC folder - so their destination servers can get them also.

I read a little bit on the internet and I found that I can create a local repository and save the modules there (Nuget way). Then probably I would need to write a script that for each DSC server will install the module from the repository, and will also create a zip and checksum file.
I’m not sure whether it is the right way to do these things because it feels a little heavy work to do, do you have other suggestions?

Personally, I’m looking forward to the WMF 5.0 feature of having multiple pull servers. You can stick the modules on one central distribution point, and still have multiple servers that are handing out configurations, if you want.

In the meantime, though, sounds like you’re already doing things right. Whenever there’s a module update, you need to both make sure the pull servers have the right zip / checksum file, recompile the config MOFs, and put those on the pull servers as well. Whether you use a push-style job to do that, or a scheduled task to pull stuff down from a feed, is up to you. (Pros and cons there; pull tends to be more reliable, but can be trickier to troubleshoot / debug.)