Issue applying DSC config from pull server

Recently started dipping my toes into the DSC pool, and have run into an odd snag.

I created a DSC config, just uses the WindowsFeature resource. I generated the MOF files, and was able to apply it to my test 2012 R2 server in Push mode.

Then setup a Pull server (Windows 2012 with WMF 4.0) using the xPSDesiredStateConfiguration DSC config for the pull server.
I then created a new GUID, renamed the MOF file to that GUID and generated a checksum.
Put those on the Pull server, and reconfigured the test server to use the Pull server.

When I run ‘Update-DSCConfiguration -Wait’ on the test server I get several occurrences of the error “Could not get the module with the following name: MSFT_RoleResource. Check if the module exists under PSModulePath”

The only thing I’ve seen talking about this is an issue with the LCM that was fixed in KB 2883200, but that hotfix is installed on the test server.

Have you verified that MSFT_RoleResource does in fact exist on disk?