Need powershell script to uninstall CD-ROM device from device manager

I Need powershell script to uninstall CD-ROM device from device manager on windows 7 x64 machines

Welcome to the forum Nadeem. Please read the rules of conduct for participating in these forums. I’m referring to this:

Fourth, while we’re happy to help, please don’t ask our forums participants to just write a complete solution to your problem. Also, try not to express a sense of urgency for your posts. While everyone appreciates that you’r trying to get a job done – we are, too. Everyone here is a volunteer who also has a full-time job. Telling us your request is “urgent” or “needed now” won’t speed us up. If you need immediate assistance, you should consider a consultant who can respond to your needs more quickly.

Do you already have a script, in which you need assistance?

thank you for this information, i read it carefully and hope to get my answer soon today

Nadeem, I think you are missing the point. We will not provide you with a script from scratch. You need to put in some effort yourself, and if you have questions after, we are happy to answer those.

If you need a script immediately, it’s better to hire a consultant who can make it for you.

Richard thank you for your time in my post, actually i need this for my network as i am beginner in powershell and trying to delve if you assist me, i hope this would not be very long script but a quick assist from your side is appreciative


Uninstalling the CD/DVD won’t make a difference in any case. On the next restart, it will be detected again.

A wee tip, have a look at Group Policy…

Nadeem, please understand that nobody here can write a complete script for you, no matter how long or short it is, and no matter how badly you might need it. We are not a consulting service. We are here to answer short questions regarding the technology. As Tim points out, PnP will re-add a CDROM if the device is physically present in the computer. You can, however, use Group Policy to restrict its availability to users, if that is the goal.