Delete hardware device

Hey guys,

So I’ve been looking for a way to delete a hardware device, preferably using some sort of one-liner.

Using “Get-PnpDevice” you can list all devices, but strangely enough actually deleting them isn’t an option.
Now I know, there’s a function out there that relies on the “Win32.SetupApi” that can list and delete devices.
But I haven’t been able to filter out the command to just delete a device.

At this moment I’m stuck with this line, but I can’t wrap my head around how it actually works:

[pre][Win32.SetupApi]::SetupDiRemoveDevice($Devs, [ref]$DevInfo)[/pre]

Does anyone out here know a way to delete a device in a PowerShell fashion?



Do, you just want to disable or really remove the device?

Even if you removed it, PnP will just add it back on reboot, unless it’s an external device that you can physically unplug.

Did you try and use Devcon.

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